Sweetwater Tank Cleaning and Repairs for Rural and Domestic tanks has been operating since August 2003. We are a family run business based in Tamworth NSW.

We are committed to keeping your tank water clean and healthy for you to use by providing several quality services, specialising in all types of drinking, stock or agriculture water storage tanks. These include concrete, poly & galvanised iron water tanks.

When we bought our home in Duri (just south of Tamworth), we saw the water tanks as being very simple devices for catching our household water and storing it.



It intrigued me when my husband, Lea, announced that we should get them cleaned. “But it’s rain water!” I thought, “how dirty can fresh clean rain from the sky be?” I wasn’t factoring in the roof, with all the bird droppings, insects, leaves and dust from the nearby ploughed paddocks! I honestly thought it would be a waste of money, but went along with it any way.

After our tanks were cleaned professionally, I was shocked to see how much sludge was removed from inside the tank! It turned my stomach knowing that bacteria can breed in this perfect environment at the bottom of our tanks. We realized that there was a need for a good quality service and there was also a need to educate people about the necessity for keeping drinking water clean. We bought the business off the man that cleaned our tanks, as he was retiring and cleaning tanks is hard work.

Now that water has been in the media spotlight, due to lack of good rain, we must realize that what we do manage to save in our tanks must be kept in a secure and hygienic environment.



If you have never had your tanks cleaned before or it has been over 2 years since you last had them cleaned, give Lea or Melissa a call for a quote and other services provided to help keep your tank water clean and healthy.


Lea & Melissa Maloney
ph/fax: 02 6768 0363
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