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Sludge being removed from a tank.


We can clean any rainwater tank ranging from 100L to 1.5ML.

Tanks can be cleaned full or empty. We use a strong vacuum pump which transfers waste to a holding tank on our vehicle. There is a minimal water loss of approximately 5-10%.



Concrete Tank Repairs

Unfortunately, concrete tanks do crack and leak. We can repair and rejuvenate your tanks at a fraction of the cost of replacement




A concrete tank after being repaired

How Often

The Department of Health recommend the removal of sludge and debris from the bottom of your water tank every 2 – 3 years.


Water Testing

We can organize your water samples to be tested at no inconvenience to yourself.



The importance of regular cleaning of your tank, to avoid this sludge in your drinking water!


Tank Sales

We can provide competitive prices on water tanks.




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